Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We will promptly resolve all refund requests in accordance with the terms and conditions provided:

Unavailability of Experts

A situation like this is impossible. Even if such a case occurs when an expert is not available to help you and pay the full amount; you can order any other work to be done for the same cost. In the meantime, the full amount paid by you will be transferred at an additional 10% charge to your Universal Assignment Wallet. 

Deadline Missed

In that case, a professional who is unable to complete your work on time, may raise a question of compensation that will be resolved in accordance with a thorough investigation by our customer support team. Assistance with the work being conducted in guided sessions is a participatory process and if you are unable to respond in time to our expert questions (within 12 hours of a text message or e-mail) or if a lack of information has led to delays. , we will not accept full or partial refund requests.

In the event that we find that the delay is due to the incompetence of our expert, you may receive a 50% -100% refund of your order and the approved refund amount will be transferred to your Universal Assignment Wallet. Deductions (if any) are charged as the specialist working for your assignment is paid in full in advance. However, we will take strong action against the experts for any of their delays. The decision of our customer support team will be final in this regard in accordance with our refund policy guidelines.

Got Failed Grade For Our Assignment

In the unlikely event that you have obtained a Filing Degree, you are entitled to submit a refund request with a copy of the original grade sheet and your professor’s response within 30 days of receiving the solution you ordered. We will verify the grading sheet submitted by you and investigate whether the cause is due to low writing quality or if the reference solution provided is not in the mark about the grading index and learning outcomes of your assessment.

For any shortcomings found in our specialist section, we will process a 50% – 100% refund of your order for a fair amount transfer to your Universal Assignment wallet.

The decision of the customer support team will be final in this regard.

Please note that any refund requests submitted beyond 30 days of receiving a solution for your assignment reference will not be appreciated.

Important Note

The support of the work to be done through targeted sessions is a subordinate service and our experts try to help you with their best knowledge, efforts, and indicators so that you can choose the right assignments for grade A. However, to get good marks your diligence is a very important factor. Our teaching process is designed with minimal or no failure and the chances of failure are very slim.

In line with the integrity of the teaching institution, we do not process any monetary compensation. However, we offer a wallet service where your refund is stored and can be used to purchase any other service on our website.

Money Back Guarantee

An application for a “refund guarantee” can be made if you have a failure grade.

All authorized returns for such applications will be transferred to your Universal Assignment Wallet. We do not consider bank refunds provided for a refund guarantee.

An application for a refund guarantee can only be initiated if the user shares a first grade report and is subject to a thorough investigation by our customer support team.

The customer support team is responsible for reflecting on the user’s findings and the decision of the Customer Support team will be final in this regard.

Refund Guarantee not applicable

  • For orders with incomplete payments pending (Parital payment cases).
  • When the deadline for delivery is less than or equal to 72 hours.
  • 30 days after the solution of the work was delivered by our specialist.

Case Scenarios Where refund requests cannot be processed

No refunds will be accepted if your submission deadline is less than 72 hours.

We do not process or consider refund requests placed on pending orders with incomplete payments.

Work assistance for targeted sessions is similar to tutoring services so no refunds are received. The only exception to this is the duplicate payment conditions.

We are obliged only to process refund requests in cases where the user / student has been working on his or her professional communication and has provided adequate material related to the work to be performed.

Refund requests are only available if a formal request is made through the original sales channel, i.e. WhatsApp, only . Any communication via social media, email or any other channel will not be considered official communication.

As an educational aid service, we have an obligation to accept your refund requests only if we are notified within 30 days of receiving a final order solution. The date the solution is delivered to your Email or WhatsApp will be considered a delivery date.

Bank Account Refund

Universal Assignment is the one and only organization in this area, that offers 100% money back to the customer’s Bank Account (Original Payment Method) for “Unavailability of Experts” for any Task/Order/Assignment Help.

Unless “Unavailability of Experts” any other Bank Account withdrawal from Universal Assignment Wallet would be transferred after deducting 50% penalty(Which includes Platform Fees, Inward Payment Gateway Charges, Services Fees, and Outward Bank Settlement Fees)  from the Wallet Balance(Not Expert Fees/Order Value). Please note this Bank Account Refund request needs to be submitted through your registered email address to [email protected] while mentioning your strong and legitimate reason for the refund request. Please note, in case of a bank refund we have full right to publish the full answer/Solution to our website blog section with open access to the visitors.

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